Private Lessons & Road Test Prep – Info & Request Form

McKenna’s has been offering 1-on-1 private lessons (only one student and instructor) in HRM for 29 years.  Private lessons are customized to your skill level, schedule and preferred pickup/dropoff locations in the Dartmouth and Halifax area. Private lessons are being offered on a limited basis. 

Private Lessons –  Packages
We can pick students up and drop students off at their preferred location if working or living near Dartmouth.

1-on-1 private lessons – $70 an hour, taxes included

The instructor assesses the student’s skills and focuses on areas that require improvement. Often we schedule one lesson, and then the instructor can advise on how many lessons they think the student needs to help them feel comfortable, confident and safe when driving a vehicle.

Road test prep and vehicle for a road test – $90, taxes included

Many of us are excellent drivers but could benefit from the expertise of a driving instructor to help make a few adjustments to our skills and to increase our confidence when driving. Instructors spend an hour with students reviewing essential driving skills before their road test, and students use our vehicle to complete the road test in (usually 20-minutes).

We pick the student up at their preferred location and spend an hour in the car reviewing skills. We then take the student to the road test, and the student uses our car. Student MUST find their own way home as our instructor will need to get to their next lesson and the student may need to obtain their license, which can take some time.

Private lessons can benefit people who:
  • need extra lessons to feel comfortable driving
  • want to learn how to drive in winter driving conditions
  • are new to Nova Scotia and want to learn the rules and regulations of the road as well as discover the neighbourhoods
  • are international drivers looking to acquire Nova Scotia driver’s license
  • want support with preparing for the road test
  • fully licensed drivers that have been off the road or have had very little driving experience that would like to get reacquainted with operating a motor vehicle
  • have been requested by their physicians to retest their driving skills.

Defensive Driving Corporate

  • we also offer defensive driving services for employers looking to offer their employees a driving course for those who are required to operate a vehicle for their employment.