In-Vehicle Information

In-vehicle lessons include all topics and situations required by the Province of Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles.


In general, students take instruction in 1-hour one-on-one lesson.   In some circumstances to meet student needs there might be some 2-hour sessions.   While the instruction does adapt to individual student strengths and weaknesses, all topics are covered with all students, even those with previous experience.

Normally the first six to seven lessons progress from static to moving situations with increasing complexity, conflicting traffic and speed.    Situations include not only suburban driving but also downtown Halifax and as well freeway driving.

Following this first phase many students will then take a break and practice their learned techniques at home while they finish the minimum 9-month waiting period prior to taking the road test (12-month without driving school course).  Even students who have already completed the waiting period should supplement the 10 hours of instruction with time spent driving at home.   Driver education is not designed to be the only practice a learning driver undertakes.  While it may be possible for someone who has not driven before and will get no in-car time at home to adequately learn, that is an exception.

In the days just prior to the road test, students will take lessons 7 (or 8) to 10, which is a concentrated training period for the road test.    The 10th lesson is on the day of the test and ends with the student parking at Access Nova Scotia and subsequently taking the road test.


During the second week of the month, students will fill an online application. Students will be contacted by their instructor during the third week of the month. The instructors will have divided the students so as to get the right match.

Subsequent appointments are made while the student is out in the car.

Contacting your in-vehicle instructor

You must call your instructor if you are not able to go to your appointment.

If you cannot find that, please call the office for contact information.

You can call or text.

Booking your Road Test

McKenna’s Driving School will book your road test.

This is because students will be using our Driving School vehicles for the Road Test, and we need to make sure the vehicle is available. However, the student may book the test in some instances.

It is important that the student still purchase their road test and provide us with their Road Test receipt. McKenna’s will work with students to find a road test time and date that works for both the student and the availability of our vehicles.